7 August 2013

Holiday Must: Nails

Ten days of my Summer this year were in Magaluf. Before going I made sure to get my nails done, which I recommend to any holiday/festival go-er. One less thing to worry about!
Seeing as Magaluf is wild, I wanted nails to match.

It's a bit hard to see because of the sunlight, but my three middle fingers are actually neon pink.
My pinky and thumb are more eccentric.
My nail technician created this look by painting an orange stripe on one side, a yellow stripe on the other and a white stripe in the centre.
She then used a pointy piece of plastic to zig-zag the white paint through the orange and yellow. 
This is how it turned out

Another funky nail look would be to use the pointy piece of plastic to create a swirl, rather than the zig-zag I chose. Next on my list!

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