25 December 2013

Review, Swatches & Look: Benefit's "Groovy Kind-a Love" Set

Voila, the Benefit "Groovy Kind-a Love" make-up set!
This post features a review of each product, pictures, swatches and the look I created using the set!
 I hope you like it!  

 2 Blushes in "Dandelion" and "Fever"
❤ 4 Eyeshadows from top-to-bottom in "Tickle my Ivory", "Gilt-y Pleasure", "Shimmer Down" & "Kiss me I'm Tipsy!"
 "They're Real!" Mini Mascara
 Double ended sponge applicator
 Blush sweep brush

❊ What to Expect from Pooky Banana in the New Year ❊

Thank you to all my lovely followers who have helped my little blog thrive!
I began my blog in the Summer of this year and already it has become a huge part of my life. I have received so many kind and encouraging comments and I have whole heartedly welcomed all feedback. This is a thank you post, for following my blog and helping to keep it alive. It is also to let you know what you can expect to see on Pooky Banana in the New Year. 

♥ Review & Look with Benefit's "Groovy Kind-a Love" make-up set
♥Many OOTD's 
♥I will be be doing the makeup for a mock photoshoot with a budding photographer I am in contact with. This has been agreed so I hope it goes ahead! As ever, I will post all photos to this blog and my Instagram so be sure to follow if you would like to see!

These are just a few of the things already arranged, planned and prepared for Pooky Banana and there will be plenty more to come! I am hopeful that my blog will continue to grow with the aid of my fashionable followers so for now I would just like to say
Happy Holidays!

11 December 2013

Swapshop Haul and Tips!

Free clothes are my favourite kind of clothes <3
Today, my college, the Institute of Art,Design and Technology (IADT), had its annual Swapshop. Like any broke, fashion-loving student would be, I was in my element.
Here are my finds:

Blouse #1. This is my favourite of them all, but I have yet to wear any of them so this may change! This is a sheer purple,orange and white chain print blouse with gold buttons. I'm looking forward to pairing it with a heavy gold chain and my purple high-rise, acid-wash jeans (view them here). 

Blouse #2. This blouse has more coppery-gold toned buttons and features an orange, yellow and white floral print. It is also sheer with a sturdy collar, like blouse #1. I will probably wear this with my black velvet high-waisted leggings, or my burgundy high-waisted treggings (shown here). 

Blouse #3 (final one, I swear). A sleeveless leopard print pussybow blouse. Not one of my favourite finds, but I do like the fact that it is double lined, great for winter wardrobes! I'll be wearing this with my leather-look leggings and huge gold bangle.

Dress #1 and necklace. Not the best pictures unfortunately. This dress was the first thing I picked up and I'm glad I did. It is a bodycon, brown maxi dress. A nice alternative to black and perfect for family visits at Christmas and pub nights with friends. Above is also a necklace I picked up in the swapshop which I thought went lovely with the maxi. Alternatively, I'll be pairing it with heels and my pink glittery blazer, red kimono (here) or also with any of the blouses from above for a more casual look.

Dress #2. A navy, floral jersey bodycon dress. The bright pink,yellow and green floral design brighten up the navy very well. The dress features a low three-bowed back, a nice detail. I wasn't sure about this one at first but after a nudge from my boyfriend I added it to my pile and I do not regret it! I'll be wearing this for a night in the club with pinky-nude shoes, my pink glittery blazer and the bracelet below 

Bracelet. A pink, plastic bracelet of 6 roses. It's chunky and elasticated, a perfect match for the floral dress above

Aaand that concludes my Swapshop haul. Here are some tips to help you when you go to or set up your own Swapshop:

❤ Check that the buttons, zips and seams of your selected items are there and functioning. If you can't sew, you've no use for a blouse without buttons

❤ Check the sizes of your clothes. Seems obvious, but you'd be surprised how easy you can get caught up in the excitement and forget the important stuff!

❤ Be early! The good stuff is always the first to go.

❤ When you choose something you like, don't put it down. You don't want someone else nabbing your goods!

❤ Try things on last. This includes fitted tops, jeans and leggings. As I said, the good stuff flies into the hands of those who are quick enough to grab them! Don't waste your time trying things on until you are done choosing items.

❤ Don't be afraid to make your presence known. This is a polite way of saying don't be afraid to push! Shoppers are fiesty and out for themselves. I'm not saying be a bully, but if someone is deliberately blocking your way it's no crime to nudge your way by him/her.

I hope this post has been of some help or at least a little interesting to view!
Do you like my finds?
Were my tips any help?

All comments welcome and feel free to follow me on all the options at the top of the page
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6 December 2013

Tutorial: Customise your Shirt with Old CD's!

This is by no means an original idea by myself- it has been done and redone by many. This is just a nice way to vamp up an old shirt using old CD's. I looove the whole iridescent/holographic look which is definitely becoming a trend (yay) so this DIY was great for me! It's also very quick and easy.
Please excuse the poor quality photos, they were taken at night time!
 Here's my take of the trend!

Here's what you need:
❤ CD
❤ Scissors
❤ Glue that can be used on fabric (I used super glue)

Begin by cutting up an unwanted CD or DVD into triangles of various sizes.

Using super glue, I glued the largest triangle into the corner of the collar of a cheap, sheer black shirt.

Begin gluing the triangles around the collar of your shirt in any pattern you like!

I also cut out four square shapes and stuck them to the edges of my two pockets.

WARNING: This can not be put into the washing machine. Must be hand washed!