17 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 Dupe & More!

Before I start the post, you have probably all noticed that there have been a few changes to the Pooky Banana Template. No more red! A biiiiig thank you to my darling boyfriend for making the new, beautiful header for his Photoshop-virgin girlfriend. Much appreciated!

On with the post...

Urban Decay's Naked range has been very successful with many make up artists, and when makeup artists rave about a product, us ladies grab it with both hands! While €44 is seen as a good price for 12 high end shadows, for some people this is still more than they can afford to spend on a luxury item. For that reason, I have written this post which features a dupe for each Naked 2 shadow using the Coastal Scents Warm Palette with 88, yes, 88 shadows! (If you would like to buy the Coastal Scents palette, head here!) The shadows are creamy and very pigmented with plenty of variations of shades. It is on sale at the moment for $15.95, which works out even cheaper in Euro, not including delivery of course.
All Naked 2 swatches are on the left, Coastal Scents on the right.


Foxy is an eyeshadow which I don't think I've ever worn out. I'm not really a fan of matte highlighters as I just feel that shimmer catches the light more, giving a greater effect. However if you like matte highlights or even just as a very light base, Foxy is a creamy colour with a yellow undertone. The highlights in Coastal Scents are mostly white-based but the one above has a yellow undertone, making it a close match to UD's Foxy.                                  


Half Baked is a very pigmented, shimmery golden tone with an orangey undertone.It can be a bit too pigmented for the daytime I sometimes feel, but can blend to give a less harsh look. The dupe I have photographed is also a golden shimmer but without the orange undertone, however it is still very similar to Half Baked.

Bootycall is a pink based, shimmery highlight . I much prefer it to Foxy.There are many highlighters in the Coastal Scents palette in many finishes, but this pink based one is identical to Bootycall.

Chopper is a highly pigmented, micro glittery shadow in a warm pinky-orange tone. Trying to find a dupe was no easy task but this highly shimmery pinky-red is a close match to such a pigmented colour!

I love the colour of Tease but it's application is disappointing. It never seems to stay put, and applies quite patchy. I hate that I have to invest so much time into making it appear even! The dupe I have photographed does not have this problem thankfully!

Snakebite is a dark, shimmery brow. The middle shadow in the picture has all the shimmer of Snakebite, however I felt it was too brighter a shade to be called a swatch. For this reason I mixed it with a darker brown in the palette (right). Together, they blend to create Snakebite!

Suspect is a light shimmery brown which makes a great neutral base.The shade in Coastal Scents is not as shimmery but still a close match.

Pistol is a deep, shimmery grey. It applies a little darker than it looks unfortunately. Above is the match I found in the Coastal Scents palette and really there's no difference.

Verve is a personal favourite of mine. It has a kind of light brown undertone which I love, as it blends beautifully with brown tones. Coastal Scents does not have this undertone but is a really close match to the shade as the swatch illustrates.

I don't know why the swatches were photographing as a brown tone, I tried every different lighting but to no avail! Anyways, YDK is a purpley-pink metallic. Coastal Scents have two similar shades, the one above is the closest match and is pink based. The other is more purple based.

Busted transfers as a really deep, dark tone, a lot different to how it looks in the tin. This disappoints me however Coastal Scents stays true to its pot.

Blackout is undisputedly the more pigmented shadow, despite how bright its photo appears. I often use it as an eyeliner due to it pigmentation and longevity. I have not tried Coastal Scents as an eyeliner yet, but it has pretty good pigmentation considering its price and compared to other cheap black shadows I've used. Both shadows have a matte finish.

 Urban Decay provide you with a top quality brush
 Coastal Scents only supply cheap, sponge applicators

 Naked 2 only has 12 shadows
 Coastal Scents has 88

 Naked 2 has a sturdy metal box
 Coastal Scents is plastic and breaks easier

 Naked 2 is €44
 Coastal Scents is less than €20

 Naked 2 is handbag friendly
 Coastal Scents is really too big to carry around

For any of my Instagram/Facebook followers you may have seen me post photos that talked about me going to see Klangkarussell. If you don't know who Klangkarussell are, feast your ears to this!

Klangkarussell- We Want Your Soul

And finally, we're done!
 What do you all think? Do you prefer to invest in trusted brands or do you like to get the good stuff for cheaper? I'm a total bargain hunter myself but I love my Naked 2 palette and use it nearly everyday!

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  14. I have the coastal scents palette and always wanted naked two after using the original! But the price is a bit steep so I haven't picked it up yet but I'm still finding new looks with the original naked palette. So thanks for this post! I can use what I have already :)

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