22 September 2013


Off to work I go again!This outfit really isn't Wallis-style buuut it was only a 4 hour shift and I was going to my boyfriends after so it's all G! I can only apologise for the broken mirror and dust at the end of it, in dire need of a new one! 
It's not very clear from the photo, but this blouse has huge cut out shoulders and is oversized, which I why I decided to belt it. It has a beautiful maroon and navy paisley print. The treggings (trouser leggings) are high rise, which means they come up above your hips but are not quite high-waisted. These treggings are a purple-y acid. wash

Shoulderless oversized blouse: Urban Outfitters, €25 (on sale & with student discount)
High-rise acid wash treggings: River Island, €18 (on sale)
Belt: Penneys/Primark, €3
Boots: River Island, €55 buy here
Necklace: Penneys/Primark, €5

This has been a relatively small and simple post, I've been too busy snuggling my little Homer!

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13 September 2013

OOTD #8 and FOTD#1

It's my day off work today so I met one of my gurlos in town for lunch when she finished college. I didn't have time to wash my hair this morning, so I used dry shampoo and wore my "Heidi hair" again, it's so handy on days like this! The weather today was overcast but dry so I thought it was a tights and boots kinda day! I edited this picture to be really sharp because it was hard to see the lace front of the playsuit and the black and white striped bandeau under it. The bag is from my previous post.

Kimono: Wallis, €43 buy here
Playsuit: Miss Selfridge, €18 (on sale)
Bandeau: New Look, €2
Boots: River Island, €55 buy here
Necklace: Penneys/Primark, €5


Foundation: MAC
Concealer: Catrice Camouflage Cream
Powder: Max Factor loose powder, translucent
Eyebrows: Essence brow pencil, 02 brown
Shadows: Urban Decay Naked 2
Lips: Inglot pallette (nameless,deep plum colour)
Black Eyeliner: MAC liquid eyeliner
Mascara: Topshop Waterproof Mascara
White Eyeliner: Catrice Kohl Kajal 040 White
Blusher: from Benefit's "I'm Glam Therefore I Am"

On a sidenote, me and my friend spotted these leggerintzz in Forever 21

 Not really my cup of tea. I am 100% a dog lady so I really can't appreciate these, but I do think it's funny the way the ears stick out, and I have a few cat lady friends who I snapchatted this pic to!

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12 September 2013

Birthday Gifts: Make up, bag, clothes etc!

Tuesday the 10th of Septmeber I turned 19 (celebrated it on the Monday because of work) and had an uhmazing day and night with quite a hungover day after! Luckily for me I was spoilt rotten with loads of lovely presents to help me forget my hangover! As they are mostly make up and beauty/fashion related gifts, I thought I'd show you all!

From le boyf

Shoulder Bag: eBay, various different colours available
Crop top: American Apparel, €32 buy here
Urban Decay Naked2 Pallette: Debenhams, €44 
Nail Candy Book: Urban Outtfitters
Honeybush&Black loose tea: Wall&Keogh, Facebook here
Tea Strainer: Unknown
Franks Red Hot Sauce: This is the hot sauce Captain Americas use!

Now from le Bestie...

Lip Pallette: Inglot
Fake Eyelashes: Primark/Penneys
Soap& Glory Bodybutter
Rock sweet
"Happy Birthday" lolly

finally, les parents...

This is the Inglot 14 piece brush set and compartmented case that I have been drooling over for a very long time now. Review to come!

As you can see I've been given pretty much all a girl could ask for and I'm pretty set for make up for a while now. Not that that will stop me ;)

See anything you like? Have you used Inglot's brushes before? What did you think?

Review: Topshop Waterproof Mascara

Since I bought my first Topshop cosmetic product (review here) , I have become hooked.
So when I needed a new mascara, I went back to Topshop to see if theirs could live up to the quality of their lipsticks. 
The mascara costs €12. For some reason I can't find the link on their website but you will find it in store!

The mascara is more of a wet texture which I've never really liked in mascaras as they are normally the ones that smudge all over the place and cause clumps. However this one is better than most. It smudges a little bit during application and a few minutes after but it's not too bad. If you wiggle your hand while applying it you will have a clump free look!

It's quite elongating, you can see my eyelashes touch my brows when I look up. It dries hard and stays in place and is obviously waterproof.

Under my right eye you can see a little smudge from application, but as I said, nothing major. Costing just €12 euro, it's quite good value  and pretty good quality. The only thing that I really don't like about this product is the odour. It has this really strange, unpleasant smell, like a mix between some kind of plant and cat urine. Charming.

The brush is just a regular medium width mascara brush, not super thick, not super thin although I do prefer mine to be a little thinner than this as I find them easier to apply. This one works quite well with the mascara though.  With my Arcadia staff discount I get this mascara for €9 which is very good for mascara, and to be frank I'm quite impressed with the quality of this mascara and all of the Topshop cosmetics I have tried to far. It loses a heart because of it's smudging but I give it a good:

 ❤   ❤  

Have you tried any of Topshop's make up? What do you think?
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8 September 2013


Much apologies for the delay with this post, unfortunately my laptop spent the weekend being de-bugged. It's all brand spanking new again thanks to my papa, ready for for more blog posts (yay!) and I have a gooood few posts to come, including reviews and a post about dupe product for a Benefit concealer that you do not want to miss!!

So this OOTD is actually from Friday, when I headed to work in Wallis for the day. The necklace I'm pictured wearing here is actually from Wallis, and came with matching earrings but unfortunately I have sensitive ears and can't wear them! This pink chiffon skirt is from Miss Selfridge, and I bought it to celebrate the end of my Leaving Certificate (from school) over a year ago, much to the dismay of some poor girl who stopped me in my tracks after work to ask where I bought it. Sorry random girl! The blouse I'm wearing is a size 16, which is not my size but I wear it tucked into things or loose and roll the sleeves up to make it more wearable. I love the raised polka dots!

Skirt: Miss Selfridge €60 (I think)
Blouse: Per Una €(unkown, it's my Mam's old blouse!)
Sandals: Penneys/Primark €11
Necklace: Wallis €(Gift-also unknown)

These Penney/Primark sandals I have are as old as the hills and very rough around the edges but I'm really not ready to part with them. My darling new shoes from Topshop (here) are proving difficult to break in, leaving me with cuts on the backs of my feet. This is why I've been living in these sandals lately, they don't rub against the back of my feet and are uber comfortable. I also have to say, these may be the only sandals I've ever worn with a toe seperator that do not cut between my toes! Success!

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts I mentioned, comments always welcomed! 

6 September 2013

OOTD #6: I Scream, You Scream We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Finally a day off work, and a nice day at that!
So me and one of the girls went to Murphy's Ice Cream, in Dublin's city centre, one of the top 10 ice cream places in the world. I had Irish Cream Liquer and Brown Bread flavoured scoops, delish! As you can see, the Heidi hair is back. It's just such a handy hairstyle for when you don't want your hair down. Funny story about my skirt: it's actually a beach dress from the swimwear section of Primark/Penneys. I took the padding out of the boobs, tucked the boob part into the skirt part and slipped it on as seen above!

Top: Bershka €12.95
Dress(skirt): Penneys/Primark €6
Shoes: Topshop €48
Earrings: Penneys/Primark €1.50
Necklace: Penneys/Primark €3

Now here they are on the red hanger. The reason I always post pictures of garments on the red hanger is because sometimes clothes have no hanger appeal whatsoever but are beautiful when worn. Posting pictures of both proves this.

Love this little eagle necklace, unfortunately it's getting more stained day by day from perfume and fake tan!

As we're coming into Winter and the days are getting shorter and colder, I thought I'd post a pic of how to bring this outfit up to date with the weather. I simply added tights and wore black ankle boots from River Island instead of my darling Topshop shoes. 

Please excuse the dusty mirror, it came out dreadful on camera but it really doesn't look like that in reality!!

How have you been wearing tartan? Comment with your own OOTD, I'd love to see!