30 January 2014

Tutorial: Masquerade Makeup

When I heard my college was possibly going to throw a Masquerade Ball, I immediately began imagining how I should decorate my mask. But then I thought... why wear an irritating mask all night when I could just paint the mask on my face? Aaand that's how I ended up looking like this today. This would also be perfect for Rio carnival makeup!

This post is a detailed tutorial of how I created this look. It didn't take very long either which was handy. It's a bit of fun and I was pretty happy with how it turned out especially seeing as I didn't use a facechart or know exactly what I wanted the final look to be like. I hope yous enjoy!

Above is what I used to create this Masquerade look.

28 January 2014

Review: Inglot Blue "Colour Play" Lip Paint #94

I always post so much more around payday, because I have so much more stuff and today is no exception! 
Today's post is a review on the fab blue lippy I'm wearing above. Obviously, not for the faint-hearted but just remember, there was a time when purple/berry lipsticks were "only for goths" and now everyone wears them, so don't hate on the blue just yet! Read on for more!

26 January 2014

DIY: Quick, no-fuss DIYs

Hello world!
www.pookybanana.blogspot.ie has now become www.pookybanana.com, yay
You may have noticed some other changes too, like my brand spanking new social media icons! If you haven't followed me on them yet, why the hell not? My previous post, UD Naked 2 Dupe & More, has made it to my Popular Posts ranking number 2! Thank you everybody! 

As the title suggests, today's post is a Do It Yourself! The other day I was feeling a little creative and decided to put that energy to good use, and this is the outcome. I will be the sharing 3 popular, no-fuss DIYs that I did which are as follows

      ➳ DIY ripped/cut front leggings.
➳ Decorating your keys.
   ➳ Decorating using scarves.

17 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked 2 Dupe & More!

Before I start the post, you have probably all noticed that there have been a few changes to the Pooky Banana Template. No more red! A biiiiig thank you to my darling boyfriend for making the new, beautiful header for his Photoshop-virgin girlfriend. Much appreciated!

On with the post...

Urban Decay's Naked range has been very successful with many make up artists, and when makeup artists rave about a product, us ladies grab it with both hands! While €44 is seen as a good price for 12 high end shadows, for some people this is still more than they can afford to spend on a luxury item. For that reason, I have written this post which features a dupe for each Naked 2 shadow using the Coastal Scents Warm Palette with 88, yes, 88 shadows! (If you would like to buy the Coastal Scents palette, head here!) The shadows are creamy and very pigmented with plenty of variations of shades. It is on sale at the moment for $15.95, which works out even cheaper in Euro, not including delivery of course.
All Naked 2 swatches are on the left, Coastal Scents on the right.


11 January 2014

FOTD #7: In-depth Description & Tips

Today's post is a tutorial on the make up I wore. I wish I could say I was going somewhere special but unfortunately, after finishing my exams it's back to work for me! Anyways, here's a detailed post of how to create this look with a few interesting (I hope) tips along the way. It's pretty long but I really wanted  to include everything.

Within this post there are a few mentions of previous posts and reviews. If you would like to read these first click herehere and here

8 January 2014

OOTD #12: Exams Are Over, WoOoOoOo!

Again, my cracked mirror has ruined another OOTD but sure look, these things happen when your dad tries to fit your mirror back into its frame! Seven years bad luck for him!

With my college exams finally over, it felt like an eternity since I wore proper make up and had my hair down with an outfit that doesn't look like I dressed in the blind (exams get the better of us all!). For my first day back at regular college I wore this outfit, all of which was purchased this week, so if you like anything it should be no problem to pick it up for yourself!

6 January 2014

❊ Belated Christmas Gifts Post ❊

As usual, I was spoilt rotten by my boyfriend! He bought me all the lovely gifts above and I have been using each of them pretty much everyday! I had been looking forward to each of these items for so long which made them all that much better when I eventually got them on Christmas eve over a black forrest hot chocolate in Costas (how amazing is that?).  This post will tell you everything that's in the photo and links for you to buy them too. Good news for you guys, the purse is on sale now with over 50% off!

4 January 2014

How to: Shop Effectively

With sales season upon us and oodles of money and giftcards from Christmas, it is inevitable that us ladies will end up with armfuls of shopping bags. However, Christmas sales can be madness and once you're on the shop floor, it's each woman for herself! To help anyone who may get caught up in the whirlwind of buying anything and everything just because it is on sale, I have written a guide to ensure you shop wisely and make sure your money ends up in the right place (your wardrobe!).