27 October 2013

FOTD #3: Evil Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

When most people come home from work on a Saturday evening, all they want to do is veg out on the couch, or get a bath, or skip all that and go straight to bed. Not me though!
I'll be spending Halloween in Berlin with my boyfriend (lucky us, we know!) and he wants to dress up as an evil clown for Halloween night. It's my job to do his makeup for it so tonight I practiced how I would like it to be and above is how it turned out. If you liked it, read on to see how I created this fun and scary look!

Start off by painting your face white with facepaint. Try get it as even as you would if you were applying foundation. You can use a sponge or your fingers for best application. Don't forget to cover your lips and eyebrows! If you are a man you may need a thicker coverage facepaint to cover thicker eyebrows and any stubble or facial hair.

You can use either facepaint or eyeliner to create this shape around your nose. I started off with facepaint but later on used liquid eyeliner as it is stronger, more pigmented and dries.

Colour inside the circle to create the clown nose. You can use facepaint or red lipstick, again I used both.

Eyebrows! Again, I used liquid eyeliner and created these swirly, rounded eyebrows. They have to look unnatural in order to look creepy, and this S shape really achieves that. Neaten it up with more white facepaint around the brow when you have finished.

I added these lines above the brows to add to the creepiness and give a three dimensional feel to the look. Besides, wrinkly clowns look scarier don't you think?

For the eyes, I recommend using bright, bold colours like green, blue, yellow or purple. I chose green as that is the colour I had in my facepaint set. I packed this on using an old, flat eyeshadow brush. The key thing to remember here is to apply it right up to the brow bone, otherwise it won't look like a clown. Clowns always have excessive makeup! If you can't create this shape as you go along, draw its outline with a facepaint stick, then fill in the lines. Facepaint is a lot more forgiving than make up so even if you make a mistake you can just cover it with more white facepaint.

The next step is to outline the green eye area to create a harsher look. Then continue to line your eyes, both above and below, and when you reach your tear duct bring the liner out a bit towards your nose. Again, this just adds to the unnatural harshness of the look.

Next I used black facepaint to outline my face and I kept all my white facepaint within this outline.

To create this zig-zag, use a facepaint crayon to make an outward-facing zig-zag pattern. I made mine really messy and blurry, then used eyeliner to draw a proper zig-zag on top of the messy one. I did this because I didn't want it to look too perfect, but still wanted it to be evident that it is a zig-zag shape. I later used a blending brush to dust black eyeshadow all under the eyes, like bags.

Ok this bit is tricky. I did the mouth quite messy because my interpretation of an evil clown does not have perfect teeth but that's entirely down to the individual. I found the easiest way to create the teeth was by outlining my lips with eyeliner. On my top lip I didn't trace my cupids bow but instead drew on top of it to keep the top lip rounded rather than dented by my cupids bow. By this stage you will have had white facepaint on your lips for quite a while so it should have sunken into your lips, leaving those horizontal, crack lines through your lips. I literally traced these with my eyeliner to create teeth. I used more eyeliner where my lips meet to shape the "teeth" and make them appear uneven and cracked. When all this was done, I drew a big lips shape around my actual lips. Ta da!

To create definition and also to darken the look, I used a purple grape coloured lipstick in the outer corners of my "Lips" and blended it inwards. This is optional but I do think it adds to the look.

In this picture I have finished the lips by filling in the empty space with red lipstick (you can also use red facepaint if you'd prefer). I also added curved lines to the edges of my smirk, similar to the brows, just to add to the creepiness!

Add your wig and clown costume and you are good to go!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, feel free to leave a link to any tutorials of your own and as always, feedback is much appreciated! 

Happy Halloween!

13 October 2013

5 For €5, Featuring Penneys/ Primark!

No, you have not read the title wrong. Today's post is of 5 purchases from Penneys/Primark this month for €5 or less!!!

I'll go from most expensive to least expensive:

Crop Shirt, €5
Pink Bow Purse, €3.50
Mono Vertical Striped Skater Skirt, €3
3 Pack Scrunchies, €1.50
4 Pack Bracelets, €1
(All from Penneys/Primark)

This shirt is oversized and cropped. Mine, pictured above, is a size 8, so that should give you an indication of how oversized it is. Surprisingly this is not as unflattering as it may sound. So far I've paired it with high waisted jeans and leggings as well as skirts, wearing it both tucked in and loose and I have to say, I love it all ways! I've also worn it under a teal cropped jumper with just the collar of the shirt on show, which I also loved. This is the most expensive of the lot (if you can even call it that), costing €5.

This nifty little purse with set you back €3.50 (haha). As I'm back in college now I needed a purse that was small and wouldn't take up anymore space in my bag than necessary. This purse was the answer and I love the little bow, which seems to be pretty sturdy too, more than I'd expect from Penneys!

This is yesterdays buy. I have to say, it really is astounding to pay for such a pretty skirt using 50c coins! With it's black patent bow belt it really is easy to dress it up or down, and vertical stripes are very flattering as they elongate and slim the area they areaworn. Lets be honest, who doesn't want longer, slimmer thighs? For €3 you can. God I sound like some sort of promoter for Penneys! (I'm not)

Ok so I did say it was a 3 pack of scrunchies, and it was. Unfortunately scrunchie number 3 (brown) has gone walkabouts already. Never liked ya anyways scrunchie number 3! If you would like a brown scrunchie you can get the 3 pack for €1.50 

Last of my 5 for €5 is this 4 pack of little bracelets. I absolutely loooove these, the mix of pretty and elegant with studs and the whole tough-look is so me. I love to toughen up a pretty look with studs or leather so these bracelets suit me down to the ground. As pictured, the 4 pack for €1 features a cross drawstring bracelet, diamante stretch bracelet, mirrored pearl-like elastic bracelet and stud elastic bracelet. Love <3

Song for today: 
Felon- Isla

Aaaand there it is, my 5 for €5 purchases from Penneys/Primark all within the last month.
All comments welcomed!

OOTD #10: Yes, my scrunchie matches my trousers!

Winter has hit Ireland with a baaaang this week! I still haven't found the perfect winter coat (touchy subject) so I'm gonna be layering t'fuck until I do! I absolutely love this mustard crochet cardi. I got it on sale so unforch it's a size L but I much prefer it baggy anyways! And sure how could I resist the conquer buttons?

This was what I wore yesterday for a day wandering round town with le boyf. We had tea at The Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street. He had one called Hairy Monkey (no idea) and I had Vanilla Black which can be had with milk and sugar and is just yummmm! I needed something warm, knowing I was going to be outside for a good part of the day, so these harem pants with the chunky knit worked well. I'm a divil for co-ordination, so of course my leopard print scrunchie matches my harem's!

The breakdown:
Blouse: Penneys/Primark, €11
Cardigan: New Look, €19
Harem Pants: Penneys/Primark, (present, price unknown)
Gold Chain: Penneys/Primark, €5
Boots: River Island, €55

I think a lot of people would say mustard yellow with leopard print is a big no-no but that's what makes the outfit: the fact that they shouldn't go together. To me that's the whole fun in fashion, doing what you're "not supposed to". At the end of the day, it's the people that break the "rules of fashion" that are the ones who are most recognised for their style.

Song of the day:
Luxury- J.A.W.S.

Love this song, well worth a listen!

What do you think? Is the mustard shade too much for leopard print?
 Let me know with a comment :)

9 October 2013

FOTD #2: Pop Art Make Up, Halloween Inspo

Excuse my lack of posting, since starting back at college things have been hectic! Between work, college and endless reading and assignments I barely have a minute to call my own. I did however manage to get out on Thursday night, which gave birth to today's post.

Thursday night was spent in the National College of Art and Design, Dublin. I don't actually go to that college but have a few friends who do. On Thursday night they welcomed their first years with a Fresher's Ball. The ball had about 3 different themes, one of which was pop art. Obviously that is the one I decided to create, and these pics are the result. 

I thought this would also be a good idea for Halloween make up.
What do you think?
Would you like a tutorial?
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