6 April 2014

Fake Eyelashes for Dummies

Let's talk about lashes!

 Love them or hate them, there's no denying that they complete any makeup look. However, too many people just don't know what lashes suit them or how to apply them. A few girlies have asked me about this so I decided to do a detailed post about choosing and applying fake eyelashes.

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Choosing Lashes

Small Eyes/ Hooded Eyes/ Eyes that are Close Together 

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 If your eyes are close together, opt for falsies that are fuller on their edges. The 'Sarah Harding Eylure Lashes' would be perfect for this. Marilyn Monroe always wore lashes that were thicker on the outer corners to achieve her sleepy, sultry look, as if her lashes were weighing her eyes down. This look will elongate your eyes, making them look further apart. 

 You'll want to choose eyelashes that aren't too long. Long lashes will look like hands on small eyes, and will completely hide any eyeshadow work that you may have done.

 Try to stick to thinner lashes so as not to overwhelm your eye area.

 If you don't already have lashes that are fuller on the outer corners, fear not! Simply cut your own false lashes in half, or cut the first rds off and glue them to the outer corners of your eyes. Voila!

If you're wearing individual lashes, place the longer lashes in your outer corners, and the shorter one should begin at the inner rds of your eyes

Big Eyes/ Round Eyes/ Eyes that are Far Apart

Image Source: Eylure.com
 Larger, rounder eyes can pull off longer, more voluminous lashes. Katy Perry is a wide-eyed beauty who can pull of the thickest of lashes and they really open up her eyes! Try her 'Cool Kitty Evening Lashes' from Eylure.

 Voluminous falsies will help to reduce the rounded, larger appearance of your eye, and also lessen the gap between them. 

 If you're wearing individual lashes, you can afford to wear the longer ones and even two layers.


This is so much easier than people think! 
Here's your guide:

Strip Lashes

This is the most popular choice as it is the quickest!

 The first thing to do is bend the strip of the lash. Fold the lash strip in half and roll it in your finger tips. This makes the strip less stiff, and helps it to sit better on your lashes rather than one end popping up when you stick the other end down!

 Test the strip length on your lashline. You should never go too close to the inner corners of your eyes as it will look very unnatural , won't hold and will irritate your eye. If your falsies are too long (and they more than likely are) cut them off little by little until they are perfect!

 Arrange yourself so that you are in a position to be looking down into a mirror. This is the easiest way to apply your lashes as you'll be able to see what you're doing better.

 Apply your lash glue to the strip and wait until its consistency becomes tacky (sticky). This should take about 20 seconds. Black glue is preferable but if you only have white glue we can cover it with liner later!

 When the glue is tacky, use a tweezers to place the falsies as close to your natural lashline as you can. You should have your mascara on before the application of false lashes.

 Use the tweezers or bottom of a makeup brush to gently push the strip into your lashline.

 Apply black liner over the falsies to mask any glue and to blend the strip  into your eye look.

 Apply a coat of mascara to blend the falsies in with your own lashes.

And you're done! 

Individual Lashes

This really isn't as hard as everyone thinks, it just takes a little more time. The results are stunning, and not so severe!

 Often, individual lashes come in a large pack with short, medium and long lashes. If you have small eyes or eyes that are close together you may want to apply shorter lashes in your inner corners and make them gradually longer as you reach your outer corners. For larger, rounder eyes you can get away with longer lashes closer to your inner corners (not too close though!). 

 Again, position yourself so that you are looking downwards into a mirror.

 Pour out a little bit of the lash glue onto the plastic covering that the lashes come in, or any plastic container your have. 

 Use your tweezers to pick up your individual lash, and dip the hard nib of the lash into your glue.

 Using your tweezers, place the individual lash into your lashline, starting from the inner corners and working your way outwards. 

 After you apply one layer of lashes across your lashline, feel free to add another for extra special occasion. If you have smaller eyes, you may want to just do this in the outer corners.

 Apply black liner over the lashline to blend the falsies into your eye look. 

♡ Apply mascara to blend the falsies into your natural lashes


 I hope this is helpful to someone, I know a lot of people find lash application tricky!

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