22 May 2014

Beauty Haul: Kit Building!

Now that I've finished my course with The International Make-up Academy, I've begun building my kit and it is soooo expensive fun! Yesterday I picked up essentials for my makeup kit, some which were recommended by my makeup teacher and others which I personally liked. Today's post is a breakdown of these buys and a short review on each!
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8 May 2014

Update: The International Make-up Academy (TIMA)

Hullo there!
As all my Instagram followers know, I have been training in The International Make-up Academy, so that I can pursue a career in makeup (well, that's the dream anyways!). However, in the mean time I've also been procrastinating studying for my end of term exams in college. Obviously both of these are very important to me so I had to invest all my time in them, meaning I had less time for the blog but I'm finished on Friday and back to posting regular tutorials, reviews and outfits of the day ;)
When I reach busy times like now, I can't blog too much but I continue to keep my Facebook page updated, so feel free to 'like' it if you would like more frequent updates!
For this post I thought I would just explain my absence and show you pictures of what I've been doing. I've really enjoyed every minute of TIMA and highly recommend the college to anyone who has an interest in makeup. There are various classes for various different levels and they are very affordable with experienced and helpful teachers. Check out http://www.theinternationalmakeupacademy.com/ for more or check out their Facebook page!
More to come soon!
As ever, thank you for all your lovely comments lately, they mean so much!
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