8 August 2013


So long until payday, and as per usual I have a never-ending list of things I wanna buy!
With Electric Picnic coming up, most of them are festival inspired.
Here's a few of those things!

Why buy the basic white Converse when you could have the gold studded converse? These ones are just so much more funky than the original style. These ones are from Cari's Closet Dress Hire and Sales.

Source: eBay

These pearl-studded, round retro sunnies are so adorable, I need them now! If you love them as much as I do you can get them on eBay for as little a 3 Euro, but you may have to wait a couple of weeks to get them unforch!

Source: eBay

Another eBay find, I am desperate to own this kimono jacket!
I've always loved oriental clothing and this is a more Western world take on oriental style, making it more 
wearable to those of us on this side of the world.
Look out for these kimono's which are set to be huge come Autumn/Winter.
If you don't want to get yours on eBay, Boohoo.com and River Island are already starting to stock a few.

Much to mammy's dismay, I got my bellybutton pierced in Magaluf. By the end of the month I'll be able to change the bar I have in at the moment, so of course I've started to look at new belly bars. This is probably of no interest to anyone else, but here's the bars I'm lusting  after! These are all from Argos.

Source: eBay

This daisy hairband is uuuber cute and just what I want for Electric Picnic. This is another eBay find. I could honestly spend my life trawling through the pages of eBay!

These shorts are actually not part of my wishlist 'cause I ordered them 2 week ago off Boohoo.com and they arrived on time and looking way better than the pic!
Just on time for Electric Picnic, I am chuffed to say the least :)

Last on my wishlist for this month is these nautical earrings which I found on www.7twentyfour.com. I had terrrrrible trouble with my ears when I first pierced them. Ten years later I was finally able to get them pierced again and didn't get infected! So excited to change the earrings I have in for the first time, and these are defo on my list!

Sorry it's so pixelated, if you would like to see it better head to NewLook.com where you can scroll over the image to get a zoomed in view of the parka. Another festival inspired want, I am in love with this aqua coloured elephant print parka. I've been searching for a while for the perfect raincoat for Electric Picnic, and this is definitely it. I wanted one with a cute pattern, check, one that tied in at the waist, check, and one that was longer than my waist and of course affordable. Double check. Want!



  1. Love the kimono have been looking for some myself to add to my collectionn, you can never have enough right haha!

    Cool wish list!

    xo' M

    1. Tell me about it, defo getting it with my next paycheck! Thanks a mil, followed your blog btw ;)


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