26 January 2014

DIY: Quick, no-fuss DIYs

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As the title suggests, today's post is a Do It Yourself! The other day I was feeling a little creative and decided to put that energy to good use, and this is the outcome. I will be the sharing 3 popular, no-fuss DIYs that I did which are as follows

      ➳ DIY ripped/cut front leggings.
➳ Decorating your keys.
   ➳ Decorating using scarves.

 Ripped/Cut-out Leggings

This DIY works best with black leggings in my opinion. Try to avoid double-lined or thick leggings as the cut edges do not roll properly. Mine cost about €4 in Penneys. To determine where to cut, I put my leggings on and drew horizontal lines with a white eyeliner. These lines can also be drawn using chalk or even a bright lipliner. 

I then remove the leggings, lying them flat on the ground. Taking a small scissors, I cut into the lines. You can either rip along the lines or cut. Don't worry about being neat: the edges will roll up anyways. That's pretty much all that needs to be done! 

These leggings are fab in Summer/Spring over bare legs but during the colder months they can be worn with sheer tights underneath. I also wear mine with patterned tights or coloured tights underneath.

➋ Decorating your Keys

I'm forever mixing up my keys so I used my collection of nail polish's to differentiate through decoration! I used about 3 coats so to ensure an opaque finish. You could also add glitter, nail stickers or maybe paint a pattern like polka dots for a really girly feel.

➌ Decorating Using Scarves

I have endless scarves, headscarves and headbands that I rarely use. Sooo instead of leaving them lying dormant in my drawers, I took this time to put them to use! I rounded up some of my handbags and scarves and headbands and matched them all up.


Left: Huge, sheer scarf that is as big as a blanket. Middle: This was glued to a headband I bought in Claire's Accessories. I ripped it off and tossed the hairband in the bin (it was horrific). Right: This is a skull scarf (rip off of Alexander McQueen) that I bought in Penneys for about €4. 
For each of these scarves I just knotted them around the handle of the bags.

This is something a lot of people do, but an alternative way of accessorising with scarves is to tie them around hats such as bowler hate, fedoras and straw hats. I like to leave the tails hanging down off the hat for an edgy look.

And that concludes this little post of popular, simple DIYs. I hope you liked!
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  1. I love your handbags honey! Your DIY is so simple.

    1. Thank you Nerline! Yep that's the aim, sweet&simple :) Thanks for your comment! x

  2. Awww I love these ideas, especially the keys! So simple yet so effective. I adore your blog name too, it's so cute xx

    1. I'm glad ypu like the post Gemma! Yeah the keys DIY is so time saving. Awh thank you that's really lovely to hear! X

  3. Very nice ideas doll! Thanks for the inspiration :)
    Like the decoration using scarves, its easy and coll!!!


    1. Thank you for your comment Alissa I'm so glad you like the post! X

  4. this is a really cool idea <3
    Maybe we can follow each other on GFC , facebook and Bloglovin, if you want? Let me know :)


    1. Thanks for your comment Maria, I am following you back :) x

  5. love the diy ideas, very simple and creative :)
    just found your blog!
    wanna follow each other? let me know

    1. Thank you Ashi! I am following you now :) x

  6. You are so creative! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? If yes, let me know.
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