16 March 2014

OOTD #13: Drag Show Virgin

Saturday is a night where savings become disposable cash and strangers become pals. Well, they do if you go to Pantibar! Last night I lost my drag show virginity and can I just say, it's about time. PS, please excuse the dreadful lighting in my room. It makes me look like I'm sick!

 For those who don't (but should) know: Panti (Rory O'Neill) is an Irish drag queen and gay rights activist who owns the pub Pantibar, and performs there on Saturdays. You can expect jokes about sexuality, religion and anything else you can think of!

Top: Wallis, €20. Buy here!

This top caught my eye immediately, I love the luminosity of it! It was really hard to capture its true colour, the pictures don't do it justice! These swingy cami tops are so popular lately but I haven't seen one in a colour as vibrant as this one. I bought this in Wallis and it also comes in white, blue, black and a blue and white floral print (floral print is €25).

Trousers: Penneys/Primark, €5

I wish Penneys had an online store so I could post links to the stuff I buy, especially seeing as it's so hard to find a pair of trousers similar to these! These are sparkly, grey high-waisted trousers. They're stretchy and sooo comfortable. I rolled up the hems on mine so that the black underside would show. This helped my black shoes tie in nicely with the outfit.

Shoes: Topshop, €55.Buy here!

I lurve these shoes because I can take them nearly anywhere! They give me a little boost without being too high, I can wear them for a full day of work and my feet will be fine by the end of it! Mine are Topshop but Penneys have a similar pair at the moment too.

Necklace: Wallis, €7.

Another Wallis buy! I loved this necklace from the minute it came into the store (costing €26 at full price). When I seen a sneaky sale one hiding on the jewelry stand, I nabbed it right away. It just reminds me of a winter wonderland or snow queen with its silvery-blue beading! I love a good statement necklace because they dress up any outfit, and this is a perfect example. The darker silver beads are the same shade as my trousers, poifect!

I hope you all had as good a Saturday night as I did!
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