20 April 2014

Tutorial: Giraffe Makeup

I've always been fascinated by facepaint and makeup that can make a face unrecognisable. It is such a strange feeling to look in the mirror and not relate to the person looking back! So whenever I have free time in the house, I usually create fun looks like this and take loads of pics so I can create a tutorial for you lot!

The Zoological club night in the Wright Venue is fast approaching, so that is what inspired an animal-themed facepaint. Read on to learn how to create it yourself, or just to see the process in picture!

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When I do beauty makeup, I was taught to work from the middle of the face outwards. I use this same idea when I create facepaint looks. Begin by painting your nostrils black. I apply the black in the shape of my nostril, as you can see in the picture.

I go in with more black facepaint, and paint the shape you can see above.

Extend on this shape, as shown above. Don't worry about being too neat, it can always be cleaned later.

I paint black facepaint and eyeliner on my eyelid and waterline, and draw a half-oval extended from the outer corners of my eyes.

Now that I have created my outlines, it's time to go in with the white facepaint in the places shown in the picture.

Using my fingers, I blend orange facepaint into the areas shown. The orange and white facepaint create a type of highlight and contour to the look, to add depth and definition. This helps to create the shape of the giraffes face.

I blend the whole look together using yellow eyeshadow. I apply a taupe-y/orange-y eyeshadow into some corners of the outline. This is the same colour I will use to create the giraffe spots. You can see here, I've also drawn little ears. I split them with a black line, and have orange on the outer part and white on the inner part.

At this point, I add more detail to the look. I add tufts of hair to the high point of the giraffes head, and draw little hairs on the forehead, above the eyes and on the chin. I then draw definition lines above and under my lips.

Using the orange-y/ taupe-y shadow I used 2 steps ago, I create the squared shapes spots that characterise a giraffe. In the eye ovals, I use more of that shadow and draw black lines to look like long lashes.

The final steps are patting some blue lipstick on my lips. I then add fake eyelashes that extend outwardly, like a giraffes.

and VOILA! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 
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  6. creative and talented awesome work doll.

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    1. That's the goal ;) Oh cool, send me a link if you do! x

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