2 July 2015

Blonde hair, blonde brows, blonde lashes..

Hey, hey!

Being a natural blonde, I have grown used to women gushing about how "lucky" I am. However, as any natural blonde knows. the grass is always greener. While avoiding costly bills from colourists, blondes have woes of their own; namely, invisibly blonde eyebrows and lashes. I'm sure that for many blondes, this may not be an issue. I am not one of those blondes.

This post will detail the tried-and-tested products and treatments for us blondies that I would not be without.



I have previously posted a review on what I use to dye my eyebrows (Click here to read it in full!). That review was nearly a year ago and I have not strayed from this product once, I have been to many a salon to get my brows dyed, particularly before holidays, and the colour has rarely lasted longer than a week. At around €10 a go, this can get costly very quickly.
Alternatively, you could pay just €12.79 in Boots (buy here) for the Colorsport 30 Mascara in dark brown. No-brainer.
I can honestly say this dye stays perfect for at least two weeks, and fading doesn't begin until the third and fourth week, which is much more cost and time effective. You can also leave the dye on for longer if you would prefer a darker tone.


In November of 2014 I began my love affair with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (buy here) and I have never looked back. I rely on this in between dyeing my brows and I refuse to put any other cosmetic. It is fantastic at filling in any gaps present in my brows. It can be used softly for a natural looking brow but is also excellent at creating more of a clean, structured shape, like I have created in the picture above. The product is highly pigmented and is a thick gel consistency, however it doesn't seem to dry out like many gel eyeliners do. The little pot will last you years- seriously, less is more with this stuff. Do your brows a favour and stop wasting money on endless eyebrows pencils.


My biggest problem with mascara has always been that due to my strangely long lower lashes, I am left with mascara stains under my eyes. It has taken years of mascara and concealer combinations to discover that  L'oreal Telescopic Madcara (buy here) and Rimmel's Wake Me Up Under-eye Concealer are a no-smudge, winning combo. Take it from a gal who's spent a small fortune on mascara's, from Benefit's They're Real! to the  €3 kind you find in Penney's, this €16.99 mascara is a holy grail
The concealer is pigmented, without being cakey, and is best applied by patting with the ring finger, rather than brushes/sponges! Buy it here!

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have your own brows & eyes tips, for blondes or otherwise?
Feel free to leave your comments below!

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