27 August 2013

Audrey Hepburn Sunnies, €3!

So one sunny afternoon me and my boyfriend decided to go to the zoo. Not realising it was going to be sunny, I never thought to bring my sunglasses (grrr!). So we made a quick stop to Penneys/Primark before the zoo where I picked up these little lovelies.

I thought they were pretty dayyyycent for just €3! But they got even better. So there I was, cleaning out my room yesterday when I found a load of pictures and posters that I had, waiting to be hung around my room. One of them was this fab pic of Audrey Hepburn (below).

And that's when I noticed how similar my sunnies are to hers, and with mine costing just €3 I was pretty chuffed with myself! Now if only I could look more like her...

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