27 August 2013

Festival Fun : Haul and Fashion Inspo

Have I mentioned I'm going to Electric Picnic this weekend?
Only about a hundred times, I know.
I completely, unashamedly cannot contain my excitement at losing my festival virginity.

PS- my blog post "Wishlist" is mentioned a lot in this post, so if you haven't already read it, you can read it
here ;)

So continuing with my festival shopping today, here's a sneak peak at the goodies I'll be taking with me (don't you just love having an excuse to shop?). There are also some festival inspo pics featured. Festivals are a great chance to go wild with your hair, makeup and clothes. It's a step out of the everyday and an opportunity to display your creative talents that you don't normally get the chance to .Most of my buys for EP are essentials, but there are a few little tid-bits for me, like this little daisy headband! In my "Wishlist" post I wrote about wanting one of these bad boys. I picked this one up for about €4 in New Look and I laaaav it!

Festivals are a great chance to go wild with your hair, makeup and clothes. It's a step out of the normal and the opportunity to display your creative talents that you don't normally get to make use of in everyday situations. Here are some inspiring pictures to do exactly that.

I had to include this simply because it's so beautiful! Pixie Lott (above) looking uber cute for a festival. I reeeeally wanna create this look for Electric Picnic. I love everything about it, from the updo, the make up and of course the facepaint! Wouldn't it go perfectly with it my daisy headband above?

For cleaning off the facepaint, make up, muck or just for wipe showers. Simply a necessity. With 2 for €4.49 in Penney's/Primark, you'd be mad to buy them anywhere else (God I sound like I sponsor them!) 

Chalked hair. This is how to get whatever colour hair you want without the commitment! Please excuse the rat-tail effect, this is before I combed and straightened my hair to lock in the colour. This is such an easyyy and fun hair style for a festival or even just a night in town. I will provide a tutorial if you lovely ladies would like :)

Dry shampoo, you would be lost without it! If you can even get to a shower, you will not have the opportunity to go everyday and do your usual apply-product-blowdry-and-curl/straighten routine!Dry shampoo will be your godsend!

Don't laugh.. Strolling through Arnotts when some saleswoman shoved this in my hand. I never looked at it until I got home. It's a mini, plastic perfume dispenser with the latest "Justin Bieber" fragrance. But of course, that will soon be emptied out and the dispenser cleaned. It will then be re-filled with the perfume my boyfriend bought me from Tenerife ( Tommy Hilfiger, "Eau de Prep"), making it the perfect little gismo to take to Electric Picnic! (Glass bottles are not allowed, and would you really wanna risk bringing your favourite perfume while you're roughing it?)

This photo breaks every beauty "rule" that society has shoved down our throats. It does the opposite to them all (lighter shadow in the outer corner, not matching eyebrows to hair colour, not matching lipliner to lipstick etc). That is exactly why I love it! If you are not a pro at the oul facepaint for festivals, why not work against what you do know? Take inspo from this pic and do everything opposite to your regular make up routine. Simple way to create a funky festival look!

Loving these little denims I bought on Boohoo.com (€28). As you can imagine, they've been coming in verrrry handy over the summer months during those few days of sun and of course my day in Slane to watch Eminem. And now they're being used again for EP. Being high rise means they can easily be worn with crop tops without having too much tummy on show. They are also super comfortable but I do have one piece of advice: buy a size up from your normal size as when you put them in the wash, the shrink and I mean bad. Mine are gonna be such a stress to get on and off in our little 2-man tent now that they've shrunk. Devo!

This raincoat from New Look was also featured in my "Wishlist" post (nice to know I've checked a few things off it!). Unforch, it's not the colour I wanted as they had none left in jade. On the plus side, I caught them the day they went on sale and nabbed this one for just €13, so I can't complain too much! I wanted this one as it's long enough to cover my bum and has drawstrings to accentuate the waist. It's also an adorable elephant (major selling point). Love it!

There was a time where I envied men for having a product like Lynx. Why? Because it is possibly the most long-lasting scented product I have ever come across. Thankfully the company finally heard our cries and made a "Lynx for her". It's about time! Costing just €3, it aint bad going and hopefully it will get me through my 3 days camping smell-free!

Where would we be without our wellies for festivals like this? Or better yet, where would we be without Penney's selling wellies as cute as these for just €11! Please excuse the poor lighting, it's late at night and I just can't get a clear picture!

Aaaand just a sweet treat to any other festival go-ers!

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