23 August 2013

Tutorial: Changing Earrings for the First Time

This post is unlike any of my others. This is a step-by-step photo tutorial on how to change your earrings for the first time after being pierced.

These earrings were a communion present from when I was just 8 years young. Fast forward a decade and I am  finally able to wear them!
I know this is the type of thing that most girls got over at the age of about 8, but some of us weren't as lucky! Unfortunately when I pierced my ears (aged 8) they provided me with nothing but a painful, recurrent ear infection and many trips to the doctor. Ten years on, I finally plucked up the courage to get my ears pierced again! I was shaking like a leaf with fear that it would go wrong again, but 3 months later they are going strong and I finally got the balls to take them out today.

These are the earrings I was pierced with 3 months ago. As you can see, there is no redness, blood, scarring or any other yucky stuff around the piercing! Having been in 3 months, I decided they should be fully healed by now. Here is how I recommend remove your earrings for the very first time. 

How To: Changing Earrings for the First Time

Firstly, choose the earrings you plan on swapping your originals for. If you are as much as a scaredy cat as me, I'd suggest choosing a pair of sterling silver, like mine below. Cheap earrings can cause problems to people who have had their ears pierced for years, so now is not the time to test them on your fresh piercing.

Next, I poured some antiseptic Dettol into it's lid. I then placed the earring I planned on wearing into the lid to soak in the Dettol. This is so important in my opinion. You are placing a foreign object into your body, it must be clean!

Sticking with the Dettol, I poured it onto some cotton wool and cleaned my ears and the earrings already in them. It's just so important to have this area clean and as an added plus, the liquid will help loosen up the earring. After this you should wash and dry your hands thoroughly. 

Aaaand finally, what this has all built up to, changing the earring! The first step is to breathe (or am I the only wuss around here?). When you're ready, put your nails of one hand under the piercing at the front, and your nails on your other hands under the back of the piercing. Twisting the back of the piercing will loosen it up for you. Try to wriggle the back off rather than pulling it. This is gentler on the piercing. The back may be stiff to get off in the beginning as earrings you are pierced with are designed to be harder to get off, to reduce the risk of falling out during healing time. Make sure the earrings replacing the originals are nearby and have the backs off them. When the original piercing eventually slips out, clean the piecing area one last time using a Q-tip and Dettol. When you're ready, insert the new piercing and tighten the back on it.

Et voila!
As you can see my ear looks totally unharmed or affected by the process. Simples!

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