12 September 2013

Review: Topshop Waterproof Mascara

Since I bought my first Topshop cosmetic product (review here) , I have become hooked.
So when I needed a new mascara, I went back to Topshop to see if theirs could live up to the quality of their lipsticks. 
The mascara costs €12. For some reason I can't find the link on their website but you will find it in store!

The mascara is more of a wet texture which I've never really liked in mascaras as they are normally the ones that smudge all over the place and cause clumps. However this one is better than most. It smudges a little bit during application and a few minutes after but it's not too bad. If you wiggle your hand while applying it you will have a clump free look!

It's quite elongating, you can see my eyelashes touch my brows when I look up. It dries hard and stays in place and is obviously waterproof.

Under my right eye you can see a little smudge from application, but as I said, nothing major. Costing just €12 euro, it's quite good value  and pretty good quality. The only thing that I really don't like about this product is the odour. It has this really strange, unpleasant smell, like a mix between some kind of plant and cat urine. Charming.

The brush is just a regular medium width mascara brush, not super thick, not super thin although I do prefer mine to be a little thinner than this as I find them easier to apply. This one works quite well with the mascara though.  With my Arcadia staff discount I get this mascara for €9 which is very good for mascara, and to be frank I'm quite impressed with the quality of this mascara and all of the Topshop cosmetics I have tried to far. It loses a heart because of it's smudging but I give it a good:

 ❤   ❤  

Have you tried any of Topshop's make up? What do you think?
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