1 July 2014

Tips for Lips

You may notice I am posting more frequently lately. I have set myself the challenge of trying to post everyday seeing as I am on my Summer break from college, so watch this space for lots of beauty tips, outfits and of course makeup tutorials and reviews!

Today, I am posting my top tips for perfect lips. I am a huuuge fan of colourful lipstick and any lover of colourful lippy will know that you need to perfect your application skills to pull off funky shades.

(Super Smart Lip Liner, 710 Rouge Noir, Kiko)

 Always apply lip liner. This is a number one must. It prevents lipstick from bleeding and it is easier to create a clean line as it is drier than lipstick.

 Always sharpen your lip liner before you use it. This will help to achieve a clean line. HINT: If you don't have a liner in the shade of your lipstick, apply one that is the same as your natural lip colour.

 Lipstick lasts longer when applied with a brush. As lipstick is a cream product, it is best applied with a synthetic haired brush.

 Don't use so much! Most lipstick application errors and smudges occur because there is too much product on the brush.

 If you make a mistake and your lipstick smudges, take a Q-tip and roll the smudge inwardly to your lip. Continue this rolling technique until the smudge is gone.

 To mattify lipstick, dust a tiny bit of translucent powder over the top.

 For a super, clean-cut look apply concealer in a lighter shade around the outline of your lips. Finish by applying highlighter to your cupids bow.

(Luscious Cream Lipstick, 523 Black, Kiko)

Thank you for reading!
I hope you picked up a few new tricks, feel free to post any pics of you putting these tips in action!

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  1. Great color!

  2. cool post...


  3. Great ideas, I love colorful lipsticks too. They´re perfect for summer. :)
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  4. You looks great.

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  5. Great tips! I really need to take these into account because I'm rubbish at applying lipstick even though I've been wearing it everyday for years!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you Alice! Glad to meet another lippy addict! x

  6. love these tips! I always use lip liner and a brush :)

  7. oh great tips, thanks for sharing Hannah. Stay in touch.



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