30 June 2014

Review & Tutorial: Colorsport 30 Day Mascara for Brows and Lashes

Hello lovelies! 
Today's post is a review and tutorial of the Colorsport 30 day mascara which is also for dying eyebrows too. Of course, this is quite specific to fair maidens, but if you follow my Facebook page, Pooky Banana Makeup, you will have seen my Tip of the Day, in which I described how dying your brows can help make them appear thicker, even if you are naturally dark.

Onnn with the review...

I purchased my pack in Boots a few months ago for €12.75 (buy here). I opted for the Dark Brown pack as its my brows that I really bought the kit for, but there is also a black one.

These are the contents of the kit. To begin, apply a thick lotion or vaseline on the skin around your brows/eyes. If you're dying your lashes, place the paper templates under your eye. Using a cotton ear bud, apply solution 1 to your lashes/brows and leave it there for 1 minute (HINT: The longer you leave this on, the darker the dye).

Now, being honest the mascara wand supplied is useless. It's too thick and the bristles are too spaced, so it's a messy process. I tossed this one out and instead used a thinner, longer and more close bristled disposable wand of my own.

Without removing solution 1, apply about 1cm of solution 2 to your wand. I like to mash it into the wand so that it doesn't all clump in one place. This is the actual dye, and you brush it into your brows/lashes. My lovely beautician friend advised me that for best results, brush the dye in the opposite direction that your brows grow, to get right into the roots. After one minute, wipe your brows with wet cotton pads and you are finito!

♡ If you get any dye on your skin, remove it with a Q-tip dipped in Solution 1.
♡ Do not pluck your brows for 72 hours before you dye them.
♡ If you do not achieve a dark enough look, you can dye them once more.

On the right is the result of dying my brow once, and the left is the result of dying my brow twice. Excuse my pink skin, I had to use Rose tinted Vaseline as I couldn't find my clear one haha! The dye lasts for around 3 weeks  and claims to have up to 12 uses which works out at €1.06 per application,wayyy cheaper than any beauty salon!

This kit gets a big thumbs up from me. The dye lasts longer than any dye that beauty salons have applied on me, and for a fraction of the price. It's easy to apply and doesn't take more than 10 minutes. The only fault I can give it is the huge wand but that can be easily replaced with your own disposable wand or THOROUGHLY cleaned mascara wand.

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